Why Raccoons Live In Attics?

Reasons Why Raccoons Live In Attics


Raccoons are known for their mischievous and curious nature, and they are often drawn to attics for various reasons. They are excellent climbers and can easily access attics through small holes or gaps in the roof. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why raccoons live in attics and why they are often considered a nuisance.

Shelter and Nesting

One of the primary reasons why raccoons seek shelter in attics is for nesting purposes. Attics provide a warm and safe environment for raccoons to give birth and raise their young. Raccoons typically give birth to their young in the spring, and attics provide the perfect place for them to do so. The insulation in attics keeps them warm and protected from the elements, making it an ideal location for raccoons to live.

Food and Water

Another reason why raccoons are attracted to attics is for food and water. Raccoons are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, including insects, fruits, vegetables, and small animals. They are also attracted to garbage and will often raid trash cans in search of food. Attics can provide a source of food for raccoons, especially if there are holes or gaps in the roof that allow them to access the attic.

Protection from Predators

Attics can also provide protection from predators for raccoons. Raccoons are vulnerable to predators such as coyotes and foxes, and attics provide a safe and secure location for them to hide from potential threats. They can also use attics as a place to escape from bad weather or extreme temperatures.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why raccoons are attracted to attics. They provide a warm and safe environment for nesting, a source of food and water, and protection from predators. However, raccoons can be a nuisance if they decide to make your attic their home. If you suspect that you have raccoons living in your attic, it is important to contact a professional wildlife removal service to safely and humanely remove them.

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