About Us

Our Beginning

Photo of a raccoon climbing of a roof of a home

We started removing raccoons back in 2002. Our first job was removing raccoons from the attic of our own homes. It became apparent we had a problem in the begging of winter when a family of raccoons moved in to the attic. The constant noises of scratching and scurrying was unsettling because we worried our dogs would fight with the raccoons. We ended us settling traps to catch the family and then released them away from our home.

Neighboring home had similar problems and we decided to help them out as well. As we helped more people, we realized that we were good at raccoon removal and decided to take the nest steps.

Raccoon Removal Expertise

Image of raccoon entering attic via hole in roof

Wildlife removal is not something you learn over night. Through almost two decades of experience and yearly training’s, we ensure the most professional and educated service in the area. Wildlife preservation is on the forefront of our business and our goal is provide humane and effective service.

The first option is always to catch and release the animals. Often times we are impeding on their ecosystem and we try to help the animals in any way we can. Of course, we’re here to service the client and will guarantee to rid any property of raccoons. Contact us with any questions on your raccoon removal services.