Are Raccoons Marsupials?

Are Raccoons Really Marsupials? The Truth Behind This Common Misconception

Raccoons are a common sight in many parts of North America. They are known for their distinctive black mask and ringed tail, as well as their habit of rummaging through garbage cans for food. But despite their popularity, there are many misconceptions about raccoons, including the belief that they are marsupials.

What Are Marsupials?

Marsupials are a group of mammals that give birth to relatively undeveloped young. These young are then carried in a pouch on the mother’s belly, where they continue to develop until they are ready to leave the pouch and venture out into the world. Examples of marsupials include kangaroos, wallabies, and opossums.

Why Do Some People Believe Raccoons Are Marsupials?

One reason why some people believe raccoons are marsupials is that they have been observed carrying their young on their backs. However, this behavior is not the same as the pouch-carrying behavior of marsupials. Raccoons carry their young on their backs for short distances when they need to move them from one location to another, but they do not have a pouch for long-term carrying.

What Are Raccoons, Then?

Raccoons are actually part of a group of mammals known as procyonids. This group includes raccoons, coatis, and kinkajous, among others. Procyonids are not marsupials, but they do share some characteristics with them. For example, many procyonids have a relatively short gestation period, which means that their young are born relatively undeveloped and require a period of additional development outside of the womb.


In summary, raccoons are not marsupials. While they do exhibit some behaviors that may be similar to those of marsupials, such as carrying their young on their backs, they are actually part of a different group of mammals known as procyonids. By understanding the true nature of raccoons, we can better appreciate these fascinating animals and their place in the natural world.

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