Raccoon Removal Professionals

Basics Of Raccoons

A raccoon is little, with gray fur, and the famous black mask across their eyes. They typically have bushy tails that alternate in between black and gray stripes. This mask and their cat-like look has actually made lots of people think about raccoons “adorable,” but the reality remains that raccoons are wild animals and they can cause damage to property, family pets and individuals.

Raccoons are unique than other urban animals due to the fact that they are renowned for their cleverness, often able to do things like lift and get rid of covers from trash bin. They also have very dexterous, with paws that look like five-fingered hands, that enable them to open containers and even doorknobs.

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What Attracts Raccoons?

Raccoons, curious animals with a high level of intelligence, are a few of the most dreaded visitors on any home or property. While they are a big nuisance to bulk of the house and property owners, keeping them at bay needs calculated relocation rather than knee-jump responses.

They can cause a huge mess by chewing through electrical wires, leaving droppings, knocking over feeders and rubbish bins in addition to being providers of parasitic illness. While these creatures will consistently check out houses and property or perhaps established their shelters in them, their movements are not random but calculated. They do not run like free spirits following the wind however instead make tactical decisions based upon a number of elements

Raccoons tend to enter homes during birthing months. A mother raccoon is looking for a safe home for the baby raccoons that provides shelter, warmth, and is near a food and water source. Homes that have easy access points such as vents and chimneys make it easy for the raccoons to enter and exit upon their digression.  

Food Source

Unsecured garbage bins leaves a perfect opportunity to find a meal for a family of raccoons. Many of our clients have had their garbage bins turned upside down by these pests and the raccoons will leave trash all over a property. Securing trash and gardens is vital to preventing raccoons from returning. A proofing strategy is to put locks on trash bins denying entry from any pest. 

Easy Access Points

Having openings around the home is asking for raccoons and other pests to walk right in. Openings on the roof or easements around the attic are very accessible to raccoons. Any raccoon has extraordinary climbing abilities and can get onto the roof of a home in mere seconds. A good proofing method is installing  metal mesh fencing around vents and chimneys. 

After all of our pest removal jobs, we highly recommend repairs damages and proofing the home to prevent future pests from entering the attic or home. 

Our Services

We have been in the raccoon removal space for almost 20 years and have utilized our experience to tailor our services to best fit client needs. From step one of raccoon removal to the final step of clean up, we offer services to handle all aspects of having raccoons in the home. The main services we offer are:



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