The Sneaky Tactics of Raccoons: How They Get into Your Attic

The Sneaky Tactics of Raccoons: How They Get into Your Attic


Raccoons are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness when it comes to finding food and shelter. Unfortunately, this often means that they end up in places where they are not welcome, such as your attic. In this article, we’ll explore the sneaky tactics that raccoons use to gain access to your attic.


One of the most common ways that raccoons get into attics is by climbing. Raccoons are excellent climbers and can easily scale trees, gutters, and downspouts to reach the roof of your home. Once on the roof, they can easily find a way into your attic through vents, chimneys, or any other opening.


Raccoons are also notorious for their chewing abilities. They can easily chew through wood, shingles, and even metal to create an opening into your attic. Once inside, they can cause significant damage to insulation, wiring, and other structures.


Raccoons are incredibly dexterous and can manipulate their bodies to fit through small openings. They can squeeze through gaps as small as a tennis ball, making it easy for them to gain access to your attic through small cracks or gaps in your roof or walls.


In conclusion, raccoons are skilled at finding their way into your attic through a variety of sneaky tactics. Climbing, chewing, and manipulating their bodies are just a few examples of the methods they use to gain access to your attic. If you suspect that raccoons have made their way into your attic, it’s important to take action as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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